I attended a workplace 101 training with Kelsey, and walked away feeling impressed with Kelsey’s facilitation style, content knowledge, and truly honored to have the opportunity to hear about gender issues from a trans man willing to share his story with us.

Employee, Boston Consulting Group, Los Angeles

I really loved Kelsey’s approach to breaking down the topics of gender – a lot of which he did by sharing his own personal experiences. He created a safe space that felt non-judgmental and informative. I could tell by people’s responses that many felt safe to venture outside their comfort zones during the discussion.

Employee, Boston Consulting Group, Seattle

I loved hearing Kelsey’s story and experience. It gave so much weight to the importance of getting this right in the workplace.

Employee, Coinbase

I loved how Kelsey weaved through academic citations so we could see the origins of words and ideas—it helped to reinforce the evolution of cultural thinking.

Employee, Grammarly

I really liked that Kelsey gave us small-scale action items, something as simple as announcing your pronouns and making it a norm. I also appreciated best practices about participating in Pride and respecting people’s spaces as an ally.

Employee, Scoop

Kelsey helps bring [the work of LGBTQ inclusion] to life. He served as a strategic design thought-partner and supported our organization in developing and implementing long-term goals and short-term actions. Kelsey brings his dedication and heart to his work and blends it skillfully with his expertise in LGBTQ issues.

Jodi Schwartz, Executive Director, Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center (LYRIC)

I really appreciated our discussion about how to address microaggressions with participants in the Train the Trainer course. Kelsey did a good job modeling framing devices around difficult conversations and how to either redirect participants harming others, or validate participants who being harmed.

Clinical supervisor/trainer

Kelsey was knowledgeable and an effective communicator across multi-cultural guidelines. I really loved learning specific skills and strategies to manage microaggressions and discomfort in the room. Kelsey did a great job of modeling self-disclosure, facilitator principles, and professionalism.

Clinical supervisor/trainer

Kelsey provided great tips on creating objectives, and how to use them to guide the direction of my training! All of his tips and information were super helpful.

County social worker

I could write a long essay about how the Spiritual Trauma, Abuse, and Mental Health training affected me. It was amazing, I felt challenged, empowered, and like I gained a greater understanding of the health repercussions of spiritual rejection on LGBTQ people.

Participant, LA LGBT Center Models of Pride Conference

Kelsey took abstract cultural humility topics, often difficult to talk about, and presented about it in a very applied way.


Kelsey is clear and well-spoken, and I appreciated his exploration of a variety of perspectives and suggested actions. His self-reflection exercises about gender were great!

Direct Service Professional Working With Homeless Populations

I feel like I could have spent all day with Kelsey. He was fantastic and communicated information in such an accessible, useful way.

Participant, LA LGBT Center Models of Pride Conference

If you make a mistake (mis-gendering someone), Kelsey provided great tips to handle (acknowledge and apologize in the moment – don’t make a huge deal about it).

Employee, Boston Consulting Group, Seattle

I appreciated Kelsey’s openness to explore questions and acknowledge that some participants may have discomfort talking about gender and sexuality. It helped me learn so much more!

Youth Direct Services Professional

Kelsey did a great job of lifting everyone’s contributions up. He allowed multiple perspectives on difficult, tricky topics. It felt very collaborative.

Child Welfare Professional

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