Clinical and Provider Trainings

Image by difisher from Pixabay
Image by difisher from Pixabay

I leverage my years of experience as a case manager, program coordinator, and pastoral counselor to inform my approach to provider trainings.

I have more than a decade of experience working with mental health professionals, educators, faith leaders, and other direct service professionals. I offer many trainings that qualify for Continued Education Credits necessary for licensure, and that meet California state requirements for clinicians, educators, child welfare workers, and direct service professionals at senior centers. I enjoy training teams of providers working in a variety of contexts.

I partner with co-facilitators who represent a variety of different backgrounds, academic disciplines, and professional experiences—let me know if you are interested in co-facilitation for any of the trainings below!

Trainings are available online to anywhere in the world! Email for more information on any training below:

LGBTQ+ Inclusion Trainings

  • LGBTQ 101/Advanced LGBTQ 201 (Minimum 2 hour -Full Day training)
  • Gender and Pronoun 101/Advanced 201 (Min. 2 hr-Full Day)
  • Supporting Trans Youth 11 & Under (4 hr-Full Day)
  • Know Your Rights for Providers Working with LGBTQ Youth (4 hr)
  • Spiritual Trauma, Abuse, & Mental Health Among LGBTQ People (Full Day)
  • LGBTQ Inclusion for Faith Communities (2 hour-Full Day)

Cultural Humility Trainings

  • Confronting White Supremacy & Microaggressions (4-6 hour training)
  • Interrupting the Cycle of Oppression (Full Day)
  • Bias, Power, and Privilege (2-4 hour training)
  • Preventing Clinical Bias (Full Day)
  • Confronting Microaggressions (2-4 hour training)
  • Introduction to Cultural Humility (2-4 hour training)

General Competency Trainings

  • Train the Trainer: Facilitation and Information Delivery Skills for Providers, Parts I and II (Each Full Day)
  • Exploring Identity Models for Youth in Context (6 hour training)
  • Religious and Spiritual Competency for Professionals (6 hour training)