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I support the diversity, equity, & inclusion efforts of corporations, clinicians, and other institutions through training, organizational consulting, and empowerment. Services
Virtual Trainings Customized for Your Needs
I offer online cultural awareness trainings with an emphasis on practical skills, identity awareness, and personal empowerment created especially for your organization or business. Workplace Trainings
Tips & Tricks for Inclusive Institutions I offer weekly commentary on emerging issues in diversity and inclusion, sharing best practices expertise to support all clients, colleagues, and communities in their identities. Read My Blog

LGBTQ+ Trainings

LGBTQ 101, Gender and Pronoun 101, Advanced LGBTQ 201, Know Your Rights, and Sexuality/Gender Identity Development courses that fulfill California state law requirements for many industries.

Cultural Humility Trainings

Anti-bias and cultural awareness trainings for a variety of professionals, including Confronting Microaggressions and an all-day Interrupting the Cycle of Oppression training for providers.

Other Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consulting

Policies and procedures, quality assurance, and user experience language consulting, curriculum development, and manuscript reviews on LGBTQ inclusion, mental health, religion, and spirituality.

From the corporate office to educational institutions to non-profit organizations, I have the facilitation skills and expert knowledge to inspire lasting change for your community.

I support the work of institutions and individuals in increasing their capacity for cultural humility and social justice-informed institutional change. I offer educational trainings and LGBTQ workplace policy expertise with an emphasis on practical skills, identity awareness, and personal empowerment. I regularly work with corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion officers and LGBTQ affinity groups, as well as legal, clinical, medical, and direct service personnel.

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    • Non-Violent Communication for Equity & Wellness

      Nothing like a pandemic to force us to evaluate our boundaries, right? Whether we’re working from home, navigating contact with the outside world, or having conversations with loved ones about the recent presidential transition, most of us are probably experiencing some degree of stress related to communication right now. United States culture–and particularly white culture

      January 21, 2021 in Cultural Humility
    • Resources for Dismantling Internalized White Supremacy

      Here are some resources I have found particularly helpful in navigating my own journey of critically examining my internalized white supremacy: Recommended Web Resources: National Museum of African-American History “Talking About Race” Resources https://nmaahc.si.edu/learn/talking-about-race Resources for educators, parents, advocates, and students to learn how to talk about race and join the fight for racial justice

      January 15, 2021 in Cultural Humility
    • Getting Real About White Supremacy

      My full-time job is educating people about diverse populations. I always define and discuss the concept of intersectionality, the idea that all of us have multiple intersecting identities that cannot be separated from one another. When discussing LGBTQ communities, for example, it is essential that providers realize that the prevailing narratives they have been exposed

      January 15, 2021 in Cultural Humility